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Exploring Brasilia and Moscow

Brasilia, Brazil

Geographic Information About Brasilia
1. City - Brasilia
2. Country - Brazil
3. Continent - South America
4. Population - 1,700,00
5. Description - Brasilia is located in the central plateau of Brazil with an elevation of some 3,500 feet. The city lies at the headwaters of the Tocantins, Paraná, and São Francisco rivers.
Interesting Facts About Brasilia

Brasilia was planned and constructed in the late 50's and early 60's during government of President Juscelino Kubitscheck.  The city has pleasant climate most of the year, not too hot and not too cold.
The people of Brasilia include both foreigners and Brazilians.The population has grown since its beginning in the 1950's.  By the mid-1990s there were more than 1,700,000 residents in the Federal District.
Brasilia was designed by a Brazilian named Lúcio Costa.  The layout of the city resembles a jetliner in shape. A long center city's main axis made up of offices of the national government.  The “wings” contain blocks of residential apartment buildings. At one end of the city is the Plaza of the Three Powers, which is made up of an underground cathedral.  Most of the city's major buildings, were designed by the noted Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Moscow, Russia

Geographical Information about Moscow
1. City
2. Country
3. Continent
4. Population of city
5. Describe how your city looks in 2 or more sentences
Interesting Facts About Moscow
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