Diane L. Judd, Ph. D. 
Early Childhood & Reading
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Information Links for Accommodations for Special Students
Georgia Learning Connection

"Changes can be made in instruction and teaching delivery for students with exceptional needs to enhance their participation and learning."

A. Each area below is a direct link to general classroom accommodations.
General Accommodations for Special Students

B. Specific Information & Accomodations for Special Students
Physical Impairments
Sensory Impairments (Visual & Hearing)
Visual Impairment
Hearing Inpairment
Significant Development Delay
Emotional and Behavioral Disorder
Specific Learning Disability
Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Six Tips to Help Students with Attention Deficit Disorder


Judd's Technology
HUB Page


"Resources For Teaching and Learning" 
Integrating Technology into the Curriculum