Lesson Plan for Visiting Third Graders

Grade Level:  3rd Grade
School: Pine Grove Elementary Students visiting ECED 3000 Technology Class at VSU
Time Frame: 1 Hour
Grouping Plan for Teaching: Small Group
Lesson Topic: Drawing in MS Paint Program

Lesson Objective(s): Students will be able to draw a picture using the Paint program on the computer.  Students will be able to describe or write about their Paint picture.

QCC Standard(s): 1. Grade Level: Third Grade;  2. Subject: Fine Art;  3. Number: 2;  4. Topic: Artistic Skills and Knowledge: Creating, Performing, Producing ;  5. Standard: Produces art in each of the following art areas: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and crafts

Materials Needed: Computer, Microsoft Paint Program, disk

Technology Connection: Microsoft Paint Program

Lesson Development

Introduction:  Introduce each other.  Have students introduce themselves and chat with them a couple of minutes (e.g., could ask their favorite sport; games they like to play; favorite food). Introduce more about yourself by showing them your Hub Page.

Modeling: Show your Paint picture to them and tell them that you made the picture to use with three and four year olds.  Show the students and discuss some other pictures you have selected from peers in your class and previous students' Paint pictures.  Open MS Paint and demonstrate how to use some of the tools in the paint program (e.g., paint brush; shapes; paint bucket; eraser).

Guided Practice: Assist students in the beginning of their pictures.

Independent Practice: Students work individually and teacher will assist students if needed.  Students will draw picture and teacher will show student how to copy and paste picture into MS Word.  Student will write a title, their first name, and information about their picture.  Print picture for students and save to publish on Web page.

Assessment: Students will be assessed by their Paint picture and the writing about their picture.

Closure: Tell students that you will publish their Paint picture on a Web page and they can look at it on the Internet.

Reflections and Copy of Evaluation
 Reflections about teaching your lesson
  * How you believe your lesson was received by the students.
  * If you would change anything if you taught the lesson again.

· Reflections about your students learning during your lesson
  * How the students reacted to your lesson.