Diane L. Judd, Ph.D. 
Early Childhood & Reading
College of Education 
Valdosta State University

Enhancing Curriculum with Technology

Constructivism & Technology
Constructing with Technology Usually Develops Needs for Peers & Tools
Playing Musical Computers with Creative Writing
Cities Around the World
What's the Connection?
Real-Life Scenario Activity with Linking Information
I Need a Count: Surveys, Tables & Graphs
Be an Artist, Paint a Picture-Story
  Paint-A-Story Problem
Tour E-Books
Andy Makes a Puzzle
Examples of Technology Integrated Activities
Inspiration Example: Fun & Educational Concept Map
Microsoft Word Concept Map Example
Excel Example for Primary Grades
www world-map
Internet Information
www world-mapScanners
www world-mapDigital Cameras
        www world-mapSony Digital Cameras
www world-mapAverkeys (Computer to TV Converters)
www world-mapCOWs(Computers on Wheels)
www world-map One Computer Classroom Links


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