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Love Books

Counting at Sallas Mahone
Love Books

A Day in the Life of Odie
Love Books

Batman, Batman What Do You See?
Love Books

Opposites with Bill, Beth & Ben
Love Books

Birthday for Bear
Love Books

Time to Rhyme
Love Books

1, 2, 3  What Do You See?
Love Books

Look Here, Look There, Shapes... They're Everwhere!
Love Books

Around the Farm

Count On! Count In! 
A Book of Numbers 1-10
Trenton Bennett, Dinah Washington, 
Lisa Thrif & Kay Metelits
Rum Tum Tugger 
Makes Play Dough
Karla Adams, Dusty Galloway 
& Sheila McCall

Counting with Shelton 
Chablis Carpenter, Ladena Inman, 
Amy Houston, & Candice Deal

Bailey's Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays
Brandi Bostick, Abigale Durrence, Rebekah Ford, Megan Harper & Jennifer Wilkinson

...So Early In The Morning
Katrice McKinnon, Haley Jones, Maggie Tatum, Patti Dean, Amanda Jones & Staci Cavenaugh

Watching the Seasons Change with Buddy
Leah Jordan,Tamra Brice, 
Kandice Hersey, & Erin Roberts

Al E. Gator 
Dines at the Oasis
Danny Hoover, Lamar Williams 
& Laura Lee Griffin

A Day At The Dairy
Carla Bello, Shannon Coker, Casey Ellison,
Shana Sinclair, Paige Southall, Faith Wolfe

Brushing Twice A Day Keeps the Dentist Away
 Lacey Powers, Christian Jones, & Jennifer Braswell

Kenadi's Tips for Pool Safety
Candy Banks, Lawren Cranor, & Matt Tindall
sipping tea
teaParty of Six
Courtney Walker, Bonnie Soper
& Shalae Hughes

We Learn Our Vowels
Shannon Smith, Donna Hough, 
Peggy Kibler & Heather Brown

Walker's Day on Deerhaus Farm
Suzanne Tison, Nikki Dunlap, Katie Pickett, 
& Kelly Gibson

Garrison Goes To The Vet
Lisa Browning, Martha Rice, Brandi Zeigler
& Elizabeth Watkins
Make Your Own Pot
Olga Rybalka

A Student's Day on the Farm
Tammie Tankersley, Dede Barfield, & Jamie Griffin

Callie Goes To Kindergarten
Lorri Rogers, Allison Faircloth,  Judy Tolle, Jamie Hedger

Our Flower Tour 
Geraldine Thompson, Kimberly Walker,
Mary Ellen Dallman & Amanda York 

Hoppy and Floppy Go For A Drive
Deena George, Keata Lawrence, April Sealey, 
Sabrina Spivey
The Soccer Dog Cotton
A Day in the Life of 
the Soccer Dog 
Staci Phagans, Erin Thompson, Denise Tucker, 
Belinda Whiddon

Monkey See, Monkey Dough
Madelyn Tanner, Connie Taylor, 
Linda Sirmans & Terry Ross

Froggy Goes to the Swamp
Lisa Steedly, Sabrina Musgrove, Melissa Ternest, Teresa Clements & Toni Smith

Kermit Makes Biscuits
Frannie Altman, Tabbitha Edholm, Pooh Heard 
& Reada Carter

Ducky & the First 
Signs of Fall
Heather Moore, Andreal Goodwin, 
Holly Burns & Amanda Casey

Kids Can 
Make Ice Cream Too
Chris Strickland, Ivy Smith, Gina Howell & Laura Lott

Welcome to the Park
(Park Safty Rules)
 Chris Wambolt, Natasha Drummer, Jeanne Harris & Rebecca Watts

Chicklet Goes to School
Catherine Sims, Kelly Colson, 
Becky Miller & Carson Sears

Bailey Gones on a Picnic
Gini Billingsley, Mandy Vickers, 
Jennifer Ridley & Ginny Green

Christopher Bakes A Cake
Amanda Fiveash, Amy Young, Courtney Carver, Mindy Farinholt, Carrie Cunnington & Beth Williams

Rilie's Big Date
Merredith Duggan, Parris Riddle, Casey Smith, Kendall Wall, & Tanya Taylor

The Life of the 
Oatmeal Dough Ball
Christina Windham, Cherry Camon, 
Tiffany Frazier, Diane Jones & Gail Benjamin

Snoopy's Christmas Wish
Alicia Clark, Angela Walker, Keenyada Maddox, Telonica Blake & Lindy Taylor

Ketzi Makes 
Rice Krispies Treats
 Dara Way, Melissa Carter, JoElla Dixon & Amy Thompson

Pooh & Tigger's Day at the Park
Bobbie Keeter, Lacey Shepherd, 
Lauren Rigg & Patricia Douglas

How to Decorate a 
Christmas Tree
Caroline Wager, 
Neely Boyd & Miley Rigsby

Brown Bear Goes To The Farm
Sid Hobrat, Amanda Hines 
& April Pollock

Pollution at VSU
Dominique Carver, Casie Broadway 
& Heather Purvis

Safety At School
Samantha Lpez, Lisa Mobley, 
Kim Howard & Mamie Holland

Benny Bunny Hosts A Picnic
Brooke Turner, Annie O'Buck 
& Leah Wachtel
Learn How to Survive Alive
Fire Safety First
Tenia Boone, Michelle Chavarria 
& Xavier Woods

Panda Bear's Walk 
in the Woods
Alicia Cook, Andee Dixon, 
& Betsy Flanders

Teddy's Day at the Park
Sheila Peach, Delicia Peacock, Heather Cowart, Katy Culbreth, Litoya Grant & Toya West

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