Welcome to Ms. Piland's island. As second grade students we will have a great and exciting year at Southside Elementary School. Our southwest Georgia school is located in the city of Cairo, about thirty miles from Tallahassee, Florida. Our school serves students in grades K-5. It is quite a landmark for our community. Part of Southside is the oldest school in the county. Our school grows each year. This year we have brand new classrooms. We have just about filled up our campus. 

Southside Elementary is one of seven schools serving Grady County and one of three elementary schools within the city. The Grady County School system operates under the auspices of the Georgia Department of Education. It is the largest elementary school in the county, and also one of the friendliest.

We are just a short walk from the downtown area and quite often take walks to participate in community events which occur at the Grady County Courthouse. The Grady County Chamber of Commerce is one of the information centers for our county. They have all the necessary information to show people how to enjoy our community.

The Grady County Courthouse

This promises to be a great year. We will be like a school of fish as we swim through our lessons.


I will try to be your guide as we learn, learn, learn this year.

Are you ready?
Let's GO!

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