Chapter 12 Human Sexuality and Gender

NotesSome useful websites
The Kinsey Institute - Research center that studies sex, gender, and reproduction.

Chapter 12 exercises Human Sexuality and Gender. NOTE: Make sure that you reword this information in YOUR words. If you just copy word for word from the book or links, the assignment will not count. In addition, if you can't find the material on the web site, try using your book.

*EXERCISE 1 Stereotypical gender differences

Find 2 different ads (ones that you can bring in - not TV ones) that show 2 of the stereotypical gender differences listed below and 1 ad that breaks one of the stereotypes. Explain how each ad fits the stereotype (or doesn't).

1. functional ranking the tendency to depict men in executive roles and as more functional when collaborating with women
2. relative size the tendency to depict men as taller and larger than women, except when women are clearly
superior in social status
3. ritualization of subordination an overabundance of images of women lying on floors and beds or as
objects of men's mock assaults
4. the feminine touch the tendency to show women cradling and caressing the surface of objects with their
5. family fathers depicted as physically distant from their families or as relating primarily to sons, and
mothers depicted as relating primarily to daughters. 

*EXERCISE 2 Sexually Transmitted Diseases

 The Center for Disease Control has a section of their website devoted to information about sexually transmitted disease. Choose 1 disease. Describe the symptoms (under disease facts and information). Look up the statistics for it in the Surveillance and Statistics section (for Georgia). If the disease you have chosen isn't listed in the top, look under other resources at the bottom. Then find out treatment guidelines issues in the Treatment Guideline section.

*EXERCISE 3 - The terms we use for sex
People have always been uncomfortable talking about sex, so it should come as no surprise that people want to call body parts by other names than their medical terms. How many different terms can you come up with for male body parts?  How many different terms can you come up with for female body parts? How many different terms can you come up with for sexual activities? Any patterns you noticed in the language? noticed that words describing female bodies and body parts seem to be more vulgar, "disembodying", negative, passive, or smelly, male body parts terms tend to be more strong, powerful, or aggressive, words referring to intercourse give more power to the male and often feel violent, there are a whole lot more words for male masturbation than either female or gender neutral, and breasts sound like toys. Classify them yourself. Why do you think that these differences exist? What words are most offensive? Why?

*EXERCISE 4 - Debates in Gender and Sexuality
At this site is a list of references for a series of topics. Choose 1. Look up the issues for both sides and summarize the points. Make sure to tell me what websites you are using. Note that some of them are only journal articles while others have links to websites. You do not need to read the articles - just the websites. However, you must then choose a debate which has websites listed for BOTH sides.