Psychology Undergraduate Handout
Just the FAQs

Welcome to the Psychology Dept.! This handout is designed to answer some of the questions that you might have about being an undergraduate psychology major.

*Before you can begin taking upper level psychology classes, you need to have an overall GPA of 2.0 or greater (transfer and VSU credits). If you do not, you cannot start taking psychology classes. You should also have completed 45 hours of undergraduate work.

*In order for a psychology class to count both in your major and as a prerequisite, you need to make a C or better.

AREA F (18 hours)

PSYC 2500 Foundations of Psychology
ACED 2400 Computer Technology for the Workplace or CS 1000 Microcomputer Concepts and Applications
PHIL 2010 Survey of Philosophy or PHIL 2020 Logic and Critical Thinking
BA - Three courses in the same foreign language (9 hrs)

BS - 1 natural science 3 hrs., 1 math 3 hrs., 1 natural science or math 3 hrs. (all math courses must be 1111 or higher)

PSYC 3500 Statistical Methods in Psychology 3 hrs.
PSYC 3200 Child Psychology 3 hrs.
PSYC 3600 Experimental Psychology 3 hrs.
PSYC 3900 Tests and Measurements 3 hrs.

PSYC 3400 Abnormal Psychology or PSYC 3450 Theories of Personality 3 hrs.

PSYC 3300 Applied Behavior Analysis or PSYC 3700 Rehabilitation Psychology or PSYC 3710 Social Psychology or PSYC 3800 Industrial/Organizational Psychology (2 classes, 6 hrs.)

PSYC 4100 Physiological Psychology or PSYC 4150 Sensation and Perception 3 hrs.

PSYC 4000 Cognitive Psychology or PSYC 4050 Psychology of Learning 3 hrs.

PSYC 4900 History of Psychology or PSYC 4950 Senior Seminar or PSYC 4991,2,3 Senior Thesis (need all 3 Senior Thesis classes) 3 hrs.

Two of the following 4000 level courses (not taken to fulfill above requirements) PSYC 4000, PSYC 4050, PSYC 4100, PSYC 4150, PSYC 4300, PSYC 4500 (with restrictions), PSYC 4800, PSYC 4900, PSYC 4950, PSYC 4991-3
NOTE: PSYC 4870 does NOT count as a 4000 level elective.

Talk with your advisor about possible electives. This might include a minor, courses to meet graduate school prerequisites, courses to help you obtain a job, etc. Please note: Just because you took the minimum number of psychology courses to complete the major does not mean that you can't take more psychology courses in your general electives. For example, Personality and Abnormal are useful if you are going into Clinical/Counseling Psychology.

Prerequisites must be completed with a "C" or better when you enter that course.
Fundamentals of Psychology (PSYC 2500): Prerequisite for ALL psychology courses.
Behavioral Analysis I (PSYC 3300): Prerequisite for PSYC 4300
Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 3400): Prerequisite for PSYC 4800
Statistical Methods in Psychology (PSYC 3500): Prerequisite for PSYC 3600, PSYC 3900, PSYC 4000, PSYC 4050, PSYC 4100, PSYC 4150, PSYC 4300, PSYC 4800, PSYC 4991-3
Experimental Psychology (PSYC 3600): Prerequisite for PSYC 4000, PSYC 4050, PSYC 4100, PSYC 4150, PSYC 4300, PSYC 4800, PSYC 4991-3
Test and Measurements (PSYC 3900): Prerequisite for PSYC 4800
Senior Standing: Prerequisite for PSYC 4800, PSYC 4900, PSYC 4950


1. How do I change advisors?

If for some reason you wish to change advisors, get your folder and either ask the secretary to assign you to a new one or, if you want someone in particular, ask that faculty member if they would be your advisor. They may say no if they are already full. Note: It is OK to change advisors. Your old advisor will not be insulted, etc.

2. What is the difference between the B.A. and B.S.?

BA - Three courses in the same foreign language (9 hrs)

BS - 1 natural science 3 hrs., 1 math 3 hrs., 1 natural science or math 3 hrs.(all math courses must be 1111 or higher).

Most graduate schools do not care which one you have. You might want to check the school's prerequisites just in case.

3. What if the classes are full when I try to register?

There is an override form at the secretary's desk. This form needs to be completed and signed by your advisor. Do not assume that your advisor will sign this form! Do not assume that you will get the class! On the day before classes start, stop in and see if you have been placed in that class. This is your responsibility to find out if you have been added.

4. When are the classes offered?

Every Semester - PSYC 3200, PSYC 3400, PSYC 3500, PSYC 3600, PSYC 3900, PSYC 4100, Senior Thesis
Fall - PSYC 3000, PSYC 3210, PSYC 3300, PSYC 3450, PSYC 3710, PSYC 3800, PSYC 4000, PSYC 4150, PSYC 4900
Spring - PSYC 3000, PSYC 3220, PSYC 3450, PSYC 3700, PSYC 4000, PSYC 4050, PSYC 4300, PSYC 4800, PSYC 4950
Summer - PSYC 3800, PSYC 4050, PSYC 4150, PSYC 4800, PSYC 4900

5. What if I transfer in here from another college or university?

If you tranfer in with an Associate's degree from another Georgia System school, your core (Areas A-E) are completed. If you have an Associate's degree in Psychology, Areas A-F are completed. If you tranfer in state, but did not complete the degree, then you may have to take certain courses to complete your core. If you transfer in from a non-Georgia system school (such as Georgia Military) or from an out of state school, then the above does not apply to you. You may be required to take classes in the core (particularly Area B). Make sure to bring the Undergraduate Bulletin from the college or university you attended. Your advisor may need to look at that bulletin to see which classes match ours.

6. What is PSYC 4870?

This is typically an internship course. Before you register, you will need to find somone to be your faculty advisor and you will have to set where and with whom you will be working. Any student who does Field Experience needs to have liability insurance - The form can be obtained from the COE Dean's office. See the section on Psych Field Placements.

7. What can I do with degree after I'm done?

See one of these web sites.
8. What is the minor in Psychology?

PSYC 2500
One of the following: PSYC 3200, PSYC 3210, PSYC 3220
One of the following: PSYC 3400, PSYC 3450
One of the following: PSYC 3300, PSYC 3500
Two of the following: PSYC 3600, PSYC 3700, PSYC 3710, PSYC 3800, PSYC 4300
All courses must be completed with a C or better in order to count for the minor. Make sure that you meet any prerequisites (see above for listing).